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Growers Push for High Yields to Win the National Corn Yield Contest

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Many participants find more bushels per acre with Acuron corn herbicide.

Soybean Yield Competitions Generate Valuable Data

research & development

Data on best management practices collected from yield contests can help other growers.

Seasons Vary but Growers Remain Steadfast

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Combining more than 60 years’ worth of knowledge, two corn growers share their agricultural expertise.

Top Ag Universities

ag community

A college ag degree is a great first step toward a fulfilling career.

Special Features

Strong Partnerships Build Better Crop Protection

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One long-lasting grower-sales relationship shows the value of trust in partnership. 

Collaboration Makes Lasting Impact on Ag Industry

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Syngenta partners with universities in numerous engaging ways.

H-2A Program Helps Ag Businesses Find and Retain Reliable Employees

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With a shortage of labor impacting many industries, the H-2A program helps many farms fill the gap.

Ask the Experts: Stewardship in Action

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Saving salmon habitats translates to bigger environmental conservation efforts.