Where are you located?

Our facility is located in Dieppe, New Brunswick, Canada.


What currency is your pricing in?

All prices listed on our website are in Canadian Dollars. 


Can I order samples before placing my order?

You sure can! We have samples of our standard flavors available here


Can I order samples of a custom flavor?

No, we're not able to provide samples of custom flavors since we only produce them as needed and can't make less than 50 at a time. 


Can you create a custom flavor for me?

We just might! Have a look at our flavor inspiration list - if your idea is similar to something there, we may be able to make it for you if we have the raw ingredients in stock or are able to order them. If there’s nothing similar to what you’re looking for on the list, it just might be that your idea is outside the scope of what we’re able to achieve with the natural ingredients that we use. You can also contact us via the chat bubble to confirm if we’d be able to create what you had in mind.


How do I order a custom flavor?

Select “Other” from our list of flavors and type in your desired flavor in the space provided. 


The custom flavor I wanted is on your inspiration list, but I just heard back from you telling me you can’t do it. Why?

Although your custom flavor request might be something we’ve created in the past, we may be experiencing supply issues for one of the ingredients required. 


How close of a match are your flavors to the food they are inspired by?

We hear from customers all the time how they feel our flavors are very true to their names, but they will not be 100% identical to the scent of the actual food they are named after. 


What ingredients are in your formula?

Here is a list of our ingredients: Theobroma cacao seed butter, cera alba (beeswax), cocos nucifera (coconut) oil, caprylic/capric/myristic/stearic triglyceride, natural aroma (flavor), tocopherol (vitamin E)


Do I need to worry about any cosmetic regulations?

Nope - we take care of all that for you! Our products meet all of Health Canada’s and the Food and Drug Administration’s regulations for the sale of cosmetics, so you don’t have to lift a finger. 


I’d like you to custom formulate a lip balm or substitute an ingredient for me - can you do that?

No, we do not offer custom formulation or ingredient substitutions at this time. 


Can I add colouring to my lip balm?

No, we do not make coloured lip balms at this time. 


Can I add sweetener to my lip balm?

No, we do not offer sweetened lip balms on a custom basis at this time. 


I’d like to design a completely custom label and the regulatory text in your template doesn’t work with what I had in mind?

Get in touch with us via the chat bubble - we may have a solution for you!


I’d like an image of my custom balm to use on my website or promotional material. 

We can help you with that too! Add a Mockup Image to your order and we’ll create an image and get it off to you via email. If you’re ordering more than one type of balm, be sure to add the corresponding number of Mockup Images to your cart if you need one for each version.


Will I have to pay duties on my order?

If you are located in Canada you will not incur any duties on your order.

If you are in the US, you may import up to $800 USD of goods duty-free. All of our prices are in Canadian dollars, and $800 USD works out to approximately $1000 CAD depending on the day's currency conversion rate. Orders that are over this threshold may incur taxes and duties. 

What is the HS code for your products that I can use to look up duty information?

The HS code for lip balms is 3304.10.00.00

Are your products peanut/dairy/gluten/egg/fish free?

While we don’t specifically add any peanut/dairy/gluten/egg or fish products to our formulations, some of our ingredients may have come into contact with these allergens while being processed by one of our suppliers.


Do your lip balms contain soy?

Since the Vitamin E we use is suspended in soy, our lip balms do contain a small amount of it. 


Do your lip balms contain allergens?

Unfortunately we cannot 100% confirm that our lip balms do not contain certain natural ingredients. Using cinnamon as an example, although we don't add cinnamon per se to any of our products, we do use natural flavorings that are made with components that could include cinnamon. Because the ingredients of the flavorings are considered to be a trade secret, our supplier cannot give us the complete breakdown of what is included in each one, only what they can certify is not found in the flavorings, and cinnamon is not on that list. So when a customer has a sensitivity, we recommend that they be cautious. Especially if a certain flavor (ex. chai) is known to have cinnamon or another spice in the actual real-life version, the flavoring very well could contain elements of that food that could cause irritation and we recommend avoiding those flavors. 


Are your lip balms vegan?

Since our formula contains beeswax, it is not considered vegan. Otherwise though, the rest of our ingredient list is vegan.


Do your lip balms contain preservatives?

Our products are free of preservatives since our formulation contains strictly oils, waxes and butters that don’t require preservation.


Are your lip balms sweetened?

None of the lip balms offered through our custom service are sweetened.


Are your lip balms non-comedogenic?

Our products do contain coconut oil and cocoa butter which are considered comedogenic. However comedogenic ingredients are usually not as much of a concern with lip products as with facial moisturizers for example since the pores on our lips are not prone to clogging and lip balms are designed to nourish and protect their delicate skin. If you have had issues in the past with coconut oil or cocoa butter on the area surrounding your lips however, our formulation might not be the best for your particular needs.